3×09 – Nisei

Wow, this mythology episode wastes no time. There’s so much in there for both Scully and Mulder. The focus is on Scully in particular meeting a group of women who’ve been abducted just like her. We get to know they’re all suffering from a deadly kind of cancer. And It’s finally clearly confirmed that Scully […]

3×02 – Paper Clip

When you feel the vibrant tension during a dialogue scene you know there’s something going damn right. In “Paper Clip” there’s this scene between Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man. Two strong, self-confident characters. Skinner being in a powerful position in the FBI and struggling with the conspiracy stuff controlled by men beyond his reach […]

2×20 – Humbug

This is kind of a special episode for. Back in my school days when I wasn’t watching The X-Files yet, a few classmates of mine made a presentation about the show, covering this episode in particular. I now know why they chose this example: Humbug is brillant in so many ways: it has a strong […]

2×16 – Colony

Wow, this is the full mystery package and easily the best mythology episode so far. Let’s skip the cold open for now since it won’t be dissolved before the following episode. Even without that we see huge leaps within the mythology: an alien shape-shifting bounty hunter is on a mission to kill several same-looking fertility doctors, […]

2×14 – Die Hand Die Verletzt

Again a really dark but also very refreshing episode, because it’s not The X-Files by the textbook. There are several great twists in this episode which starts with a teachers council worshipping satan and a kid apparently killed by witchcraft and then suddenly turns into an interesting discourse about modern religion when it’s revealed the […]

1×13 – Beyond The Sea

This is one exceptional episode. It shows how the writers developed a deeper understanding for the characters and got the courage to break self-established rules. By reversing the traits of Mulder and Scully, him being skeptical this time and her being the believer, but they have pretty good reasons (her suffering from the loss of her […]

1×11 – Eve

This is a great example of how to combine stand-alone episodes with the overall theme of government conspiracies. “Eve” has nothing to do with the alien mythology still it’s about government organizations following their own secret agenda, doing experiments on human trial subjects and no one’s gonna stop them.  Also I’m easily given the creeps […]

1×02 – Deep Throat

I often say: Don’t judge a show by its first regular episode. Normally that’s a pretty standard safe-play story, cooling down from the intense pilot and that’s a bitt disappointing in most of the cases. Not this time. Wow, there’s a lot going on in this episode! On the downside: The show can’t possibly keep up […]