3×05 – The List

This is another episode that doesn’t give you total closure at the end. Mulder and Scully go for the most probable solution but even they know it might not be the truth. Was there a spirit returned from the dead haunting all the people responsible for his execution? Or was it his wife’s lover who […]

3×04 – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

This is a very strange mixture, a¬†twisted tale on psychics and clairvoyants. A world where fortune tellers and palm readers are being murdered and a story about two man with not so desirable special abilities: one seeing himself performing murders in the future and the other able to foresee people’s deaths. Including his own. “Clyde […]

2×25 – Anasazi

In this second season finale we don’t have to wait long until the mythology kicks in. Even before the opening credits begin we get to see an alien dead body found by a member of the Navajo. But as the episode evolved we realize this isn’t about some new creepy alien stuff (yet), but about […]

2×24 – Our Town

Sometimes X-Files writers bring themselves and their episodes into trouble trying too many things at the same time, putting too many themes together that don’t fit. “Our Town” proves these experiments don’t have to fail inevitably. We get cannibalism, small town mystery, longevity, foxfire, tribal mystery and creutzfeldt-jacob disease carefully put together into one episode […]

2×13 – Irresistible

There is a flaw many genre tv series have: whereever the protagonists go, mystery/scifi/fantasy follows them. An ordinarily looking murder case? Wait! It’s an alien, ghost, monster from the stone age. So it’s very refreshing The X-Files breaks this rule and presents a thrilling murder-case that doesn’t include fantasy elements at all. Well, we see […]

2×12 – Aubrey

Man, this episode is creepy as hell. Just as in “Beyond The Sea” from season 1 it shows: it doesn’t need freaky monsters to make a scary episode. This time it’s mostly the editing: B. J. arrives at the motel – cut – B. J. digging up bones in a field in the middle of […]

1×03 – Squeeze

I read a lot about this being an early highlight episode that set up the tone for the rest of the show. Indeed the episode is very confident in how to tell the first typical X-Files monster plot. Furthermore Tooms is a strong antagonist and certainly one of the strangest and most elaborated antagonists of […]