3×08 – Obliette

My opinion on this episode is a bit ambivalent. On the one hand it’s a strong study of how Mulder and Scully considering their specific background and experiences handle a case of child abduction very differently. Mulder, having experienced the abduction of his sister, gets all empathic on the former victim who is under suspicion […]

3×03 – D.P.O.

After three episodes of going deeper into the show’s mythology we get the first stand-alone episode of the season. “D.P.O.” is pretty standard: A boy with a special ability (control electricity and lightning), Scully being a sceptic, Mulder believing in the paranormal. Underneath there is a meta-story about a boy living in hsís own world, […]

2×22 – F. Emasculata

I loved the constant state of chaos in the first twenty minutes of the episode that peaked with the arrival of the helicopter at the gas station. Nobody knows what was going on. Mulder and Scully don’t know what the case really is about, the local police doesn’t know why there is FBI, a third […]

2×21 – The Calusari

“The Calusari” is an average episode with some common problems we’ve seen in several episodes before. I quite like how the show sometimes doesn’t give away the whole solution to a a mystery. But some times it’s the absolute opposite: there are just too many explanations given and they just don’t want to fit together. […]

2×17 – End Game

Unfortunately “End Game” can’t keep up with the two-parter’s first part “Colony” at all. There are two main reasons for this: Mulder acts totally implausibly here and the episode’s story seems twenty minutes short. Let’s start with the first point: The entirety of Mulder’s life and carreer is dominated by his search for Samantha, the show […]

2×10 – Red Museum

There’s one thing I really liked watching “Red Museum”: Out of thin air the episode suddenly transforms from a occult case of the week to mythology episode. Unfortunately this happens far into the episode with little time left which results in zero explanation. Again. In the end it’s just a confirmation of what we already […]

1×12 – Fire

In the midst of a big bunch of either very bad (“Space”!) or really good episodes (the best is yet to come – soon!) there is this pretty standard case I don’t want to lose too many words about. More interesting than the case itself is the character of Phoebe Green, investigator and Mulder’s former […]

1×08 – Ice

I read quite a lot extremely positive reviews about this episode. Although I understand their points, I can’t fully subscribe to their opinions of the whole thing. Yes, “Ice” builds up a great suspense, but at the same time the acting feels rather clumsy. This results in me not being invested at all in either […]

1×06 – Shadows

A solid episode, nothing more, nothing less. “Shadows” tells an ordinary unresting soul ghost story about a man who was killed because he knew too much and was going to tell the public. And now he’s protecting his lover and make her discover the truth. It’s not like we haven’t seen that story before. Even […]

1×04 – Conduit

“Conduit” shows one of the main problems of the first season: There is no elaborated mythology behind all of this – it’s just “something with aliens obducting people”. Regarding “Conduit” this premise results in yet another alien plot that clearly fades in comparison to episodes one and two since it doesn’t add anything new to […]