3×07 – The Walk

It’s getting a little hard by now writing short reviews about this kind of episodes, which seems pretty generic: some kind of ghost seeking revenge is killing/hurting/punishing people and in the end he or she is connected to the most unlikely person around. Like the man without legs and arms in this case. Or the […]

3×06 – 2Shy

Oh, a remember this from the old times. Back then in school some friends of mine did a presentation about the X-Files (I think we must have had media as an overall topic since I did something about science fiction) and they also mentioned “2Shy”. Did they even show the episode? I’m not sure, but […]

3×01 – The Blessing Way

Often the third season of a show is its qualitative climax. The soft spot between finding its own groove in the beginning and the lack of new ideas at the end. So I only expect the best from this season of The X-Files. Unfortunately the opening episode couldn’t live up to this expectations at all. […]

2×23 – Soft Light

Being all into physics and quantum mechanics, I’m having soem big problems with this episode. And you don’t even need to know all this nerdy stuff to see the story about a man’s shadows turning into a black whole is a little far-fetched. Nearly every line of dialogue containing scientific terms is wrong to such […]

2×18 – Fearful Symmetry

Let’s do a short recap of what we saw: Pregnant animals are abducted from a zoo. By aliens. They steal the animals’ unborn children. And then the animals reappear miles away from that zoo. And are invisible. Until they are not and die. And the FBI interrogates a gorilla. Say Whaaat?! This is crazy! I […]

2×15 – Fresh Bones

Just as the episode before, this is a conflict between two followers of the same kind of magic, now it’s voodoo instead of witchcraft. I wonder, why they had so similar themes in back-to-back episodes. While “Die Hand Die Verletzt” was very well written, “Fresh Bones” suffers for its bad pacing and too many questions […]

2×11 – Excelsis Dei

I really liked the atmosphere of the nursing home. This could have been the setting of a great episode, but in the case of “Excelsis Dei” there was just too much done wrong. First of all: Everything starts with a rape case which nobody else than the victim seem too care about later on, Mulder […]

2×09 – Firewalker

This episode tries to be everything except being original in any way. It’s extremely similar to the first season episode “Ice” with an ancient lifeform dug up by scientists, subsequently settling in their bodies and controlling them. But the element that made “Ice” a very good episode is missing completely: There is very little suspense […]

1×16 Young At Heart

There’s a lot of awesome stuff in this episode but unfortunately it doesn’t add up too good. A former prison inmate, victim of human trials that make him age reversely. The government negotiating with him for the formula of age-reversal. Research on progeria – they even managed to put a real progeria kid into the […]

1×15 – Lazarus

This is an ordinary crime case about a bank robber on the run turned into an X-File by transferring him into the body of an FBI agents after death turned into an ordinary crime case by simply ignoring most implications of said soul transfer. It’s such an interesting starting situation: The evil guy is shot […]