Season 1 – Mythology Recap

One reason I decided to do this rewatch (and in some parts first-watch) was: I want to finally understand the underlying mythology. Back in the 90s I missed a lot of the early episodes and many of the later mythology episodes never made entirely sense to me. I want to change this and yes, i […]

1×16 Young At Heart

There’s a lot of awesome stuff in this episode but unfortunately it doesn’t add up too good. A former prison inmate, victim of human trials that make him age reversely. The government negotiating with him for the formula of age-reversal. Research on progeria – they even managed to put a real progeria kid into the […]

1×15 – Lazarus

This is an ordinary crime case about a bank robber on the run turned into an X-File by transferring him into the body of an FBI agents after death turned into an ordinary crime case by simply ignoring most implications of said soul transfer. It’s such an interesting starting situation: The evil guy is shot […]

1×14 – Gender Bender

Let me describe my experience of watching this episode: the first half I was hooked, then I got skeptical about how they are going to explain all this in such a short time left and at the end I was like Are you friggin’ kidding me?! Because “Gender Bender” ha everything a good X-Files episode […]

1×13 – Beyond The Sea

This is one exceptional episode. It shows how the writers developed a deeper understanding for the characters and got the courage to break self-established rules. By reversing the traits of Mulder and Scully, him being skeptical this time and her being the believer, but they have pretty good reasons (her suffering from the loss of her […]

1×12 – Fire

In the midst of a big bunch of either very bad (“Space”!) or really good episodes (the best is yet to come – soon!) there is this pretty standard case I don’t want to lose too many words about. More interesting than the case itself is the character of Phoebe Green, investigator and Mulder’s former […]

1×11 – Eve

This is a great example of how to combine stand-alone episodes with the overall theme of government conspiracies. “Eve” has nothing to do with the alien mythology still it’s about government organizations following their own secret agenda, doing experiments on human trial subjects and no one’s gonna stop them.  Also I’m easily given the creeps […]

1×10 – Fallen Angel

The mythology hits rock bottom with this episode. It’s painfully obvious until now Carter didn’t have the slightest idea where to go with the central theme still elaborated nowhere beyond “aliens abducting humans”. This time the aliens crash their ship into the woods and are being hunted by the military. Oh, and they are invisible, […]

1×09 – Space

Oh boy, what a train wreck! I mean something must have went seriously wrong during the production of this episode because it suffers from massive flaws in story, dialogues, acting, effects and it looks cheap as hell when it’s said to be the most expensive episode of the first season. First of all: if you […]

1×08 – Ice

I read quite a lot extremely positive reviews about this episode. Although I understand their points, I can’t fully subscribe to their opinions of the whole thing. Yes, “Ice” builds up a great suspense, but at the same time the acting feels rather clumsy. This results in me not being invested at all in either […]