Season 2 – Overall Notes

Obviously the season was most prominently influence by Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy resulting in only rare appearances in the first six and total absence during the seventh episode. Despite having a clever solution for explaining her absence with Scully being abducted the season has some problems to cope with these circumstances. Most of the early episodes […]

2×25 – Anasazi

In this second season finale we don’t have to wait long until the mythology kicks in. Even before the opening credits begin we get to see an alien dead body found by a member of the Navajo. But as the episode evolved we realize this isn’t about some new creepy alien stuff (yet), but about […]

2×24 – Our Town

Sometimes X-Files writers bring themselves and their episodes into trouble trying too many things at the same time, putting too many themes together that don’t fit. “Our Town” proves these experiments don’t have to fail inevitably. We get cannibalism, small town mystery, longevity, foxfire, tribal mystery and creutzfeldt-jacob disease carefully put together into one episode […]

2×23 – Soft Light

Being all into physics and quantum mechanics, I’m having soem big problems with this episode. And you don’t even need to know all this nerdy stuff to see the story about a man’s shadows turning into a black whole is a little far-fetched. Nearly every line of dialogue containing scientific terms is wrong to such […]

2×22 – F. Emasculata

I loved the constant state of chaos in the first twenty minutes of the episode that peaked with the arrival of the helicopter at the gas station. Nobody knows what was going on. Mulder and Scully don’t know what the case really is about, the local police doesn’t know why there is FBI, a third […]

2×21 – The Calusari

“The Calusari” is an average episode with some common problems we’ve seen in several episodes before. I quite like how the show sometimes doesn’t give away the whole solution to a a mystery. But some times it’s the absolute opposite: there are just too many explanations given and they just don’t want to fit together. […]

2×20 – Humbug

This is kind of a special episode for. Back in my school days when I wasn’t watching The X-Files yet, a few classmates of mine made a presentation about the show, covering this episode in particular. I now know why they chose this example: Humbug is brillant in so many ways: it has a strong […]

2×19 – Død Kalm

Oh, boy! I’ve seen pretty bad make-up effects, but the old-age make-up in this episode is spectacularly terrible. At the end of the teaser I didn’t even realize they rescued a boat full of old people – I thought they were zombies! And old Mulder looked absolutely ridiculous, like his face was made of latex […]

2×18 – Fearful Symmetry

Let’s do a short recap of what we saw: Pregnant animals are abducted from a zoo. By aliens. They steal the animals’ unborn children. And then the animals reappear miles away from that zoo. And are invisible. Until they are not and die. And the FBI interrogates a gorilla. Say Whaaat?! This is crazy! I […]

2×17 – End Game

Unfortunately “End Game” can’t keep up with the two-parter’s first part “Colony” at all. There are two main reasons for this: Mulder acts totally implausibly here and the episode’s story seems twenty minutes short. Let’s start with the first point: The entirety of Mulder’s life and carreer is dominated by his search for Samantha, the show […]