3×09 – Nisei

Wow, this mythology episode wastes no time. There’s so much in there for both Scully and Mulder. The focus is on Scully in particular meeting a group of women who’ve been abducted just like her. We get to know they’re all suffering from a deadly kind of cancer. And It’s finally clearly confirmed that Scully […]

3×08 – Obliette

My opinion on this episode is a bit ambivalent. On the one hand it’s a strong study of how Mulder and Scully considering their specific background and experiences handle a case of child abduction very differently. Mulder, having experienced the abduction of his sister, gets all empathic on the former victim who is under suspicion […]

3×07 – The Walk

It’s getting a little hard by now writing short reviews about this kind of episodes, which seems pretty generic: some kind of ghost seeking revenge is killing/hurting/punishing people and in the end he or she is connected to the most unlikely person around. Like the man without legs and arms in this case. Or the […]

3×06 – 2Shy

Oh, a remember this from the old times. Back then in school some friends of mine did a presentation about the X-Files (I think we must have had media as an overall topic since I did something about science fiction) and they also mentioned “2Shy”. Did they even show the episode? I’m not sure, but […]

3×05 – The List

This is another episode that doesn’t give you total closure at the end. Mulder and Scully go for the most probable solution but even they know it might not be the truth. Was there a spirit returned from the dead haunting all the people responsible for his execution? Or was it his wife’s lover who […]

3×04 – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

This is a very strange mixture, a twisted tale on psychics and clairvoyants. A world where fortune tellers and palm readers are being murdered and a story about two man with not so desirable special abilities: one seeing himself performing murders in the future and the other able to foresee people’s deaths. Including his own. “Clyde […]

3×03 – D.P.O.

After three episodes of going deeper into the show’s mythology we get the first stand-alone episode of the season. “D.P.O.” is pretty standard: A boy with a special ability (control electricity and lightning), Scully being a sceptic, Mulder believing in the paranormal. Underneath there is a meta-story about a boy living in hsís own world, […]

3×02 – Paper Clip

When you feel the vibrant tension during a dialogue scene you know there’s something going damn right. In “Paper Clip” there’s this scene between Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man. Two strong, self-confident characters. Skinner being in a powerful position in the FBI and struggling with the conspiracy stuff controlled by men beyond his reach […]

3×01 – The Blessing Way

Often the third season of a show is its qualitative climax. The soft spot between finding its own groove in the beginning and the lack of new ideas at the end. So I only expect the best from this season of The X-Files. Unfortunately the opening episode couldn’t live up to this expectations at all. […]

Season 2 – Mythology Recap

It’s time to dive into the crazy chaos of The X-Files’ mythology once again. As I already mentioned in the season summary: Nearly every single mythology episode of this season tells its own story and they seem to be totally unconnected. So I’m pretty sure this is going to be a lot of fun to […]