3×08 – Obliette

My opinion on this episode is a bit ambivalent. On the one hand it’s a strong study of how Mulder and Scully considering their specific background and experiences handle a case of child abduction very differently. Mulder, having experienced the abduction of his sister, gets all empathic on the former victim who is under suspicion of collaborating with the abductor. However Scully, herself kidnapped just one year ago, judges fast when the evidence begins to point in a particular direction. But on the other hand all this puts the two main characters back into their original cliché roles completely. In this episode Scully only believes in hard evidence. She repulses all of Mulder’s theories, she even doubts he’s thinking clearly considering his background story. It feels a bit weird. On the contrary Mulder gets it all right from the beginning. He doesn’t need much evidence, this time he hasn’t even got a reference case in the X-Files, he just knows what’s going on. I think the episode could have made a much stronger point on his stubborness in these cases if he wasn’t right just this one time. Also Scully wouldn’t appear that antagonistic if she was right in the end going by the facts. And moreover the episode would feel a lot less predictive which it is a least from the middle on. It’s still a strongly crafted episode with great performances of both Anderson and Duchovny that misses the chance to shake up the ways the characters think and just cements their believes.

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