3×07 – The Walk

It’s getting a little hard by now writing short reviews about this kind of episodes, which seems pretty generic: some kind of ghost seeking revenge is killing/hurting/punishing people and in the end he or she is connected to the most unlikely person around. Like the man without legs and arms in this case. Or the dead guy just two episodes ago. Of course, the most unlikely suspect is obviously the killer nearly from the beginning (part because it’s so unlikely). Did anyone really thought it was someone else than the man who can’t even move? There’s a bit of variation this time with the killer having an accomplice and the ghost this time being an out-of-body experience. But otherwise it’s just trying way to hard. The ghost is jumping from the water, diving to the ground, leaving footprints you can see his image in the distance as a man with arms and legs. It’s just calling out “Look at me! I have legs!” undermining the solution. I particularly liked the effect work. The X-Files really starts to stand out in make-up effects. The burned face, wow that looked horrible in a good way. And how they tricked away the arms and legs was also totally believable. Let’s not talk too much about the invisible man in the smoke – there is always some room for improvements.

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