3×06 – 2Shy

Oh, a remember this from the old times. Back then in school some friends of mine did a presentation about the X-Files (I think we must have had media as an overall topic since I did something about science fiction) and they also mentioned “2Shy”. Did they even show the episode? I’m not sure, but I think we watched “Die Hand Die Verletzt” in class. Nevertheless I watched “2Shy” back then and I still remember it as full of totally gross scenes, even gory, human bodies dissolving into bloody sludge, and a suspenseful rollercoaster that defined for me what a good episode of the X-Files should look like. Well… reality check: disappointing. “2Shy” is far from being that good. In fact I now think it’s a below-average episode. Yes, it still has a great key-visual when Scully opens the body chamber and there’s just a rotten skeleton left within a big puddle of brown sludge. But that doesn’t make up for the absolutely generic story about a man in need of body fat who murderes overweight women and sucks out theirs. Too much things just don’t add up. He pumps acid into their bodies to feed on their liquified fat but when he leaves the body seems intact. It’s only some time later when the body seems to melt – from the outside, not from the inside! The episode also doesn’t care for giving us some more insight on the characters. The murderer has a need for fat but we’re never shown what that really means until the last scene which is way over the top. Yes, “2Shy” has a few shockers we, the young folks, loved back then. But besides that it’s just another standard freak of the week.

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