3×05 – The List

This is another episode that doesn’t give you total closure at the end. Mulder and Scully go for the most probable solution but even they know it might not be the truth. Was there a spirit returned from the dead haunting all the people responsible for his execution? Or was it his wife’s lover who tracked down all the people on the list? Was he somehow possessed by Neech? Maybe Neech took different shapes? “The List” keeps it all a secret, even the list that made the episode’s name: we never get a certain look at this list although in the end – especially after the warden seemingly dies in a car accident – the five names seem pretty clear. You really can’t they this is a written masterpiece since it’s pretty easy to build up a strong scenario but far from easy adding a convincing solution, which “The List” doesn’t even try. But th building up is damn good. The setting is great and The X-Files does another step up presenting seriously disgusting images (and there’s more to come soon). If you just enjoy the ride “The List” will deliver greatly.

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