3×02 – Paper Clip

When you feel the vibrant tension during a dialogue scene you know there’s something going damn right. In “Paper Clip” there’s this scene between Skinner and the Cigarette Smoking Man. Two strong, self-confident characters. Skinner being in a powerful position in the FBI and struggling with the conspiracy stuff controlled by men beyond his reach who sometimes try to instrumentalize him for their purposes. And the CSM possibly being one of the mightiest men in the whole world, used to being always in control of everything, currently in an unusual imponderable situation of having lost kind of the life assurance for all his life’s work. It’s a real stand-off and it’s awesome. It shows how well-written Skinner is and also shows some uncommon facets of insecurity of the CSM. Even besides this the episode was way better than its predecessor. When the season opener felt like playing for time this feels like opening a new chapter. The alien and conspiracy storylines (and also Samatha’s) finally unite and we get a lot of background information on the consortium (and still even more questions). My only negative point is the whole white buffalo story. It’s feels way too incoherent since this is by no means a Navajo episode (other than the season opener and the previous season finale) and the Navajo guy guarding Melissa also felt rather forced into the plot. Nonetheless this is a wonderful season opener.


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