3×01 – The Blessing Way

Often the third season of a show is its qualitative climax. The soft spot between finding its own groove in the beginning and the lack of new ideas at the end. So I only expect the best from this season of The X-Files. Unfortunately the opening episode couldn’t live up to this expectations at all. I don’t like the Navajo magic mumbo-jumbo including the near-death drem sequence (similar to Scully’s last season), but I guess it’s a matter of taste. At least we got a second confirmation that Samantha is not dead an disturbing scene of the aliens being killed. There are two bigger issues: some serious plot holes and almost nothing happening or even being answered. So we had this big cliffhanger: Mulder is in the boxcar when it’s blown up. Crystal clear from the beginning he would survive, but how? Well, we might never now. He’s found under some rocks. Did he crawl there through a hole in the boxcar’s hull? So the vehicle carrying all these aliens had a hole? Considering he was lying next to an alien body and all aliens were seemingly killed inside the boxcar: Were they pushed they by the explosion when the car exploded? Whaat?! Seriously, if you can’t solve your cliffhangers, don’t do them in the first place. Then there’s the implant in Scully’s neck. This shows again how sloppy the writing last season was regarding her abduction. So she’s abducted instead of Duane Barry after they found several metal implants in his neck and after she returns nobody cares. Nobody wants to find out what happened to her. Nobody checks for implants?! That’s just ridiculous. There are some nices scenes with the consortium and the CSM losing his temper facing the loss of the secret tape, but nothing big worthy to write about.

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